The finalists of the 4th SGDA Swiss Game Awards

SGDA Swiss Game Awards: Five finalists are running for the 4th edition of the industry prize for innovative Swiss games.

For the 4th edition of the SGDA Swiss Game Awards the jury has nominated five finalists. Once again this year, they show the impressive variety of Swiss craftsmanship. They incourage to think about one’s own actions, show immersive VR experiences, keep the brain cells on their toes with puzzles, and let the players have fun in singleplayer or in multiplayer matches. They all show different facets of a lively and future-oriented Swiss game industry.

On Friday, January 27th 2017, the Swiss industry prize will be conferred during the «Ludicious» festival and the «Ludicious & SGDA Swiss Game Awards Night» in the old casern in Zurich. In addition to the jury prize the audience will be invited to pick the winner of the Audience Choice Awards.

The nominated games:

The jury:

  • Adam Moravanszky (Jury President), Director of GameWorks Engineering (Nvidia)
  • Mikhail Chatillon, Developer Evangelist (Microsoft)
  • Angela Blank, PR Manager (ToLL/Sony PlayStation Switzerland)
  • Ettore Trento, PR Consultant (Nintendo Switzerland)
  • Filippo Zanoli, Journalist (20minuti)