Cosmic Hare: the puzzle game with a dimensional twist

Cosmic Hare by SGDA member Simon Broggi from studio Insert Coin has been released for iOS and Android. The puzzle game is a brain teaser which is simple in principle, but can get difficult in practice. Players need to eliminate all hares in each level by hopping over them with the first hare they start with. In later levels … Read more

Nimbatus: Explore an endless universe

Nimbatus, a game by SGDA member Micha Stettler, revolves around using drones that can be crafted out of a vast array of different parts to fly around an endless, procedurally generated universe with fully destructible environments. The players are tasked to explore the depths of space, to interact with alien races, and to gather different items to research … Read more

Game spotlight: Vote for Me: the game about the presidential election 2016

What do Swiss game developers have to do with the presidential election in the United States of America? Well, quite a lot, as it turns out. SGDA members Digital Kingdom have released a game titled Vote for Me which tasks the player to choose a side – either Democrat or Republican – and to take … Read more