Nimbatus: Explore an endless universe

Nimbatus, a game by SGDA member Micha Stettler, revolves around using drones that can be crafted out of a vast array of different parts to fly around an endless, procedurally generated universe with fully destructible environments. The players are tasked to explore the depths of space, to interact with alien races, and to gather different items to research … Read more

The perfect opportunity for investors and the government. On challenges and potentials of the Swiss game industry

In his function as SGDA’s president, Matthias Sala has been interviewed by the Swiss magazine Beobachter. As you might have guessed, the talk was about games, and he’s been asked to illustrate the numerous challenges game developers face in Switzerland. His take on the subject is that games fit the Swiss economic space and that the game … Read more

SGDA Roundtable: U.S. Ambassador Suzan “Suzi” LeVine pays visit to members of the Swiss game industry to discuss pressing topics revolving around game development

On June 30st, U.S. Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation Suzan “Suzi” LeVine visited a group of game developers representing the Swiss game industry, and special guests from industry, politics, and education. Among them were many SGDA members eager to meet the charismatic Ambassador. The first item on the agenda was a roundtable discussion about various topics … Read more