Gamescom starts today: Here’s what you need to know about Swiss game excellence at Europe’s main event for games

#SwissGames will be again at Gamescom this year. An impressive Swiss delegation has travelled to Cologne presenting a selection of 21 games and technologies developed by 10 independent studios and start-ups as well as 3 major art and design universities (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design de Genève and Zurich University of the Arts). The Swiss delegation represents the diversity of a strong and growing game developer industry in Switzerland. It includes games with innovative design and gameplays for every platform, interactive movies, Virtual Reality experiences and groundbreaking technologies. Make sure you meet fellow SGDA members in Hall 4.1 (D022, E021). Like member games AirheartAirConsole, FAR (nominated for the Gamescom Indie Award), MeantimeNicheNimbatusOrganismSchlichtSplash Blast Panic, Struckd, Watcher and World Never End that can all be seen and played at the #SwissGames booth. Also check out member games – yes, some games of the Swiss delegation have a double feature at Gamescom – AirheartAirshipsModsork, SchlichtSplash Blast Panic, Niche and Oniri Islands at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.1, Booth A-020 B-021 A-031.

The #SwissGames Booth will host two special events:

  • Today on August 17th at 10:00 guests will be welcomed with a special breakfast and an interactive screening of Late Shift, CTRL Movie’s first interactive movie (Tickets).
  • On August 18th at 17:00, #SwissGames will host an aperitif with a tournament on AirConsole, the online gaming platform that turns browsers into video game consoles and smartphones into gamepads. The game chosen for the tournament is The Neighborhood, DNA Studios’ latest title (Tickets)

The #SwissGames booth is powered by Pro Helvetia – the Swiss Arts Council – in cooperation with the SGDA. Also a partner of the #SwissGames booth is Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival. Hit up Director Dominik Marosi to chat with him at Gamescom and to get to know all the details about Switzerland’s Game festival for innovative games.