Swiss Game Academy: learn to create a game in only 1 week!

Thanks to a cooperation between the Swiss Game Center (SGC) and the Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA), this year’s edition of the Swiss Game Academy will have a full program in French as well as in German language

The Swiss Game Academy 2016 is the second edition of the annual campus, where the participants will discover the multidisciplinary tasks of videogame creation. They will participate in conferences, workshops, and classes provided by professionals of the Swiss and international scene. Furthermore, they will create their own videogame! Each participant will join a team of 3-4 people and create a videogame during 3-5 days. In an academic context, the participants will collaborate with their team to design and realize a prototype, following all the steps from the idea to realization.

The collaboration between the SGDA and SGC will allow participants to take advantage of a full program in German, which will complement the original in French. As advocate for the Swiss game developers and the local game industry, the SGDA seeks to help young people who want to find a profession in game design and development. For this reason, the SGDA engages in the organization and realization of learning opportunities in these fields.

Registrations are open until August 20th:
Up to 200 participants can register for the event.


The Swiss Game Academy proposes 3 different programs:

Short Track, 22nd-24th August
targets the youngest participants and introduces the most important domains (e.g. introduction to programming, digital drawing, etc.).

Normal Track, 22nd-26th August
proposes the full program of the event.

Depth Jam
is a special session for people already developing a game and willing to explore one or more aspects of their project in detail, with feedbacks from the experts and other participants to this program.

Game design
Unity Game Engine
Graphics for games
Sound design
Creation of videogame characters


Haute École d’Ingénieurs et d’Architectes de Fribourg
Pérolles 80
CH-1700 Fribourg

Contact German speaking track
Philomena Schwab (SGDA) – Coordinator German speaking track Swiss Game Academy

Contact French speaking track
Qui Cung (SGC) – Coordinator French speaking track Swiss Game Academy