SGDA elects new President following retirement of Founding President

Swiss Game Developers Association SGDA, renowned independent association representing the game creation industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Alice Ruppert as its new President following the retirement of the founding President Matthias Sala and Board Members Robbert van Rooden and Reto Senn. The founding team has an impressive track record, upon which the new president aims to build.

The founding team, including the retiring president Matthias Sala, Robbert van Rooden, and Reto Senn, has decided to pass on the responsibility of the association to new forces on the tenth anniversary of its existence. The three founders of Swiss Game Developers Association SGDA have been instrumental in shaping the association’s identity and establishing its reputation as the leading authority in the sector of Swiss game development. Their visionary leadership, strategic foresight, and unwavering dedication have contributed to the establishment of the association, its significant growth and accomplishments.

Alice Ruppert elected as new President

Alice Ruppert assumes the role of President, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the sector of game development. With a proven track record of success and a passion for advancing the interests of the industry, Alice Ruppert is well-positioned to lead SGDA into its next chapter of growth and influence.

“I am honoured and privileged to take on the role of President at SGDA.” said Alice Ruppert. “I am delighted to represent Swiss game development as the President of the SGDA. The SGDA plays a crucial role in securing national recognition for our industry and supporting and promoting local talent – these efforts must be continued and further expanded.”

As the new President, Alice Ruppert aims to strengthen the association’s position as the authoritative voice representing game creation. Alice Ruppert envisions continuously enhancing member services, fostering industry-wide cooperation, and advocating for the interests and growth of the sector of game creation at regional, national, and international levels. By fostering dialogue, promoting best practices, and leveraging emerging opportunities, the association will continue to support the success and sustainability of its members.

Extraordinary achievements of the founding team

Matthias Sala, the retiring President, Robbert van Rooden and Reto Senn, founding Board Members have made invaluable contributions to the SGDA and the sector of game creation as a whole. Their leadership, expertise, and dedication have elevated the association’s influence, bolstered its reputation, and positioned it as a driving force for positive change.

They have played a pivotal role in the successful development of SGDA, starting from scratch and transforming it into the foremost point of contact for game creators, politicians, administration, and media in Switzerland today. The founding team’s efforts to bring the industry together began as early as 2008 with the hosting of events and political activities, which ultimately led to the formal establishment of the Swiss Game Association in 2012.

“I am proud of our team’s achievement together with the nation-wide community. Together, we started from scratch. Today, we can hand over an established and recognized association, which represents game developers throughout Switzerland and is excellently networked internationally, to the next generation,” says Matthias Sala, and continues, “I wish my successor Alice Ruppert and the entire board all the best for the future.”

Among the impactful contributions of the founding team is the launch of the prestigious Swiss Game Awards, pioneering the introduction of Testing Nights in Switzerland, and launching Gamesweek Zurich alongside its associated B2B conference. Furthermore, they achieved significant political milestones, such as producing a report on the significance of video games endorsed by the Federal Council, securing acceptance of the industry’s age restriction guideline and securing recognition of SGDA as a professional cultural organisation by the Federal Office of Culture. Notably, their creation of the platform stands as an important initiative to foster an extremism-free gaming experience.

Notable successes to mention finally are the establishment of the professional head office and services for members such as free legal advice, the formation of strong partnerships such as with Pro Helvetia, and the establishment of an international network to strengthen Swiss game creation, with particular mention of the membership in the European Games Developer Federation EGDF.

On behalf of its members, the SGDA expresses its deepest thanks to the outgoing president Matthias Sala and the founding members Robbert van Rooden and Reto Senn for their outstanding services, their tireless efforts, and their visionary leadership. Their enduring legacy is celebrated as the association continues to advocate for the growth, development, and success of Swiss game development.

Alice Ruppert

Alice Ruppert is an alumna of Zurich University of the Arts, specializing in Game Design. She served for six years as the Head of Games for the AirConsole platform at Zurich start-up N-Dream AG. Since 2021, she has been a Creative Producer at Aesir Interactive GmbH in Munich, working remotely from Switzerland. Her specialization lies in games revolving around horses and equestrian sports.

Members of the Board

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