The SGDA is part of the Digital Alliance: Boost Switzerland’s Digital Creative Industries

The Swiss Digital Alliance has been founded in Locarno as a body to promote the importance of the digital industry in Switzerland on a political level. The creative economy is rapidly evolving in the wake of digitalization, and games are an important pillar of this development. The technological know-how and the creative talent  of our members is outstanding, internationally renowned, and bound to have a big impact on the digital sector and the Swiss economy as a whole. As a founding member of the alliance, the SGDA strives to bring forward the importance of game design and development for the creative economy and hence to facilitate the creation of great digital content like games.

The Swiss Digital Alliance represents some of Switzerland’s most active organizations in the field of digital creation. Next to the SGDA the following partners form the alliance: Festival Tous Ecrans, HEAD – Genève Wemakeit, IG Independent Producers, Imaging the future symposium, / UniversCiné Switzerland, Lift Conference, Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival, NIFFF,, Swiss ICT, Swiss Made Software, Swissnex San Francisco and Swiss Tech Association.

The main purpose of the alliance is downright political lobbying: currently the four-year culture strategy of the Swiss confederation is being negotiated. With the Swiss Digital Alliance we are campaigning for digital creation to be a corner stone of that cultural strategy in Switzerland for the years 2016-19. Read the official statement