National Future Day 2016 (November 10th): hold workshops to introduce young women to game development

Let’s face it, there’s not enough women in tech. The earlier young girls discover what technology has to offer, the better. The National Future Day promotes the introduction of young women into technical professions. The special projects for girls of the National Future Day want to give young girls who are about to finish primary school practical insight into different STEM professions.

This is the perfect opportunity to present your company to potential future job candidates. At the same time, you invest into the growth of new talent, and can foster the positive image of your company. The website of the project has 80‘000 visitors per month, and is an ideal platform to spread the word about what you do. The SGDA supports the growth of talented young girls and boys to lay a solid foundation for the future of the game industry, and although there are a lot of gifted female developers in Switzerland, we think that increasing their number will be a huge benefit for the industry as a whole. Therefore, the SGDA encourages its members to participate in this great project.

How can you contribute in shaping the special programs?

  1. You plan a workshop for girls of 5th and 7th grade, and you define the number of girls that can participate in your offering.
  2. You apply with your offering until August 10th on the website of the National Future Day.
  3. Your workshop will be published on the website of the National Future Day, and the organizing committee will place the participants.
  4. As soon as your offering will be fully booked, you will receive the contacts of the participants.
  5. Future Day, November 10th, 2016: You hold your workshop with the girls!

You can find ideas for your workshops in the guidelines on page 4 and 5.

Or you can have a look at examples of workshops of other companies.


The organizing committee is glad to help you shaping your workshop either by phone or e-mail:
Phone: 041 710 40 06
E-mail: info (at)

Image credit: Nationaler Zukunftstag