Membership benefits

Membership benefits

When becoming a member you invest in the Swiss game industry that will help games in Switzerland in general.

  • You make it possible that the SGDA can act as a spokesperson for game development in Switzerland. With over 100 members we are the strongest association for games. The more we are, the stronger we get and the greater the influence on politics, the general impression of games in Swiss society and the possibilities game developers have in our country.
  • You can attend the Swiss Game Award for free or for excellent conditions (please note the event’s limited capacity).The SGDA has created Switzerland’s first game industry award that honours the excellence of Swiss games.
  • You support the youngest talents in our industry. We have started partnerships with the Schweizer Informatik Olympiade, the Schweizer Zukunftstag and the organisation of the new Junior Swiss Game Award.
  • As a member, you get visibility
    • Through booths on festivals
    • Through the pitching of Swiss games at publishers and meetings
    • Through event partnerships with SMAMA, Fantoche, Ludicious, gameZfestival, Imagine the future, Microsoft and close ties to other Swiss institutions like Disney Research and Pro Helvetia.
    • Through our digital channels. Thanks to our public and media activities, the SGDA website is the web presence that is found nationally and internationally when it comes to Swiss game development. With this you become visible as a member through the member directory. The same goes for our Twitter, Facebook and newsletter channels with hundreds of readers that are interested in the Swiss game industry.
  • You can vote on industry issues and where the association is directing to. The SGDA is an independent body, that has its members as driving force.
  • You support the SGDA’s importance on a political level. As a political force the SGDA promotes the importance of games on a national and regional level and we make statements on political issues so games get heard (like for the Kulturbotschaft).
  • You make partnerships possible with other political organisations that share our interest for games (like Zürich für den Film).
  • You can profit of a network of like-minded professionals with which you can exchange knowhow and partner up with.
  • You enable and can attend industry events. Talks, Panels, Discussions and more open formats like dev meet-ups and pub quiz nights.