Nimbatus: Explore an endless universe

Nimbatus, a game by SGDA member Micha Stettler, revolves around using drones that can be crafted out of a vast array of different parts to fly around an endless, procedurally generated universe with fully destructible environments. The players are tasked to explore the depths of space, to interact with alien races, and to gather different items to research and build new technology to further develop their drones. Of course not all life forms you will encounter will be friendly, so Micha has thought of giving the players the ability to build weaponry of all sorts to fight off enemies and epic bosses. To top it all off, there are also drone races to compete in. Be sure to give Nimbatus a go! The demo is available on the official website and is suited for all OS flavors.

Download the Nimbatus demo for Windows, OSX and Linux

The game will also be shown at the #SwissGames booth at this year’s Gamescom!

The release date for the finished product is set to Q1 2017.