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Games Industry Law Summit

septembre 3 - septembre 5

Games Industry Law Summit is the invitation-only conference for games industry’s top legal professionals, curated by a collaborative community from 56 different countries. Our mission: to enable our creative teams to perform at their best, and to protect the results of their work.

In 2024, the Summit runs for the 9th time. We offer 300 seats, and we expect counsels and executives from over 200 studios, platforms, associations & law firms. The three-day program at a private venue in Vilnius Old Town is focused on learning and debating, expanding the network and catching up with industry peers.

The Summit will run from Tuesday to Thursday, so that everyone can be with their families for the weekend. If you arrive early, we highly advise to use the pre-event time for meetings in smaller groups. All applications are subject to approval by the community board. Previous games industry experience required.


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septembre 3
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septembre 5
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