L’atelier de la SGDA ouvre ses portes

Dans l’effort de pousser la professionalisation du secteur du jeu suisse, la SGDA ouvre l’Atelier, un hub pour les têtes créatives qui veulent contribuer à la genèse des jeux suisses de qualité. Les nouvelles places de travail constitueront un endroit idéal pour l’échange de savoir et une promotion des capacités dont le secteur a besoin. … Lire plus

Decodoku: Game development and quantum science – An interview with Dr. James Wootton

Games as a versatile medium entertain us as much as they can contribute to scientific research as Serious Games. We had the great opportunity to talk about «Gaming for Science» with Dr. James Wootton, SGDA member and maker of the tricky puzzle game Decodoku, which aims at helping science to build a quantum computer by analyzing the player’s … Lire plus

Call for exhibitors: E-Games: Suisse Toy / SwitzerLAN 2016

Exhibit your game at E-Games: Suisse Toy / SwitzerLAN 2016 in Bern! The event will once again combine the best of many worlds: Swiss games and international games to play with, astonishing cosplay, and a gigantic LAN party with 1’000 participants. The SGDA will also be present, therefore we are looking for exhibitors who want to … Lire plus

Feist: world premiere on PlayStation 4 at the Open Air Gampel in Switzerland

Feist by SGDA member Bits & Beasts will soon be published on PlayStation 4. Thanks to the cooperation between Sony PlayStation Switzerland and the SGDA, a development version of the game was shown during the Open Air Gampel from August 18th-21st, where players could take an exclusive look at the game running on Sony’s latest console. With Dreii already released and … Lire plus

Numerik Games Festival in Yverdon-les-Bains, September 2nd-4th 2016

Don’t forget to get ready for Numerik Games in Yverdon-les-Bains from September 2nd-4th. It’s a great event in a nice little town. You just can’t miss it! SGDA Members will have the opportunity to get a special discount of 50% on tickets! Just present yourself at the reception of Maison d’Ailleurs (not the official ticket office). … Lire plus

Cosmic Hare: the puzzle game with a dimensional twist

Cosmic Hare by SGDA member Simon Broggi from studio Insert Coin has been released for iOS and Android. The puzzle game is a brain teaser which is simple in principle, but can get difficult in practice. Players need to eliminate all hares in each level by hopping over them with the first hare they start with. In later levels … Lire plus

Meeting with a high ranking delegation of Chinese game companies in Zurich

In cooperation with Switzerland Global Enterprise, the SGDA has organized a meeting between a high ranking delegation of Chinese game publishers, distributors, and developers, and exponents of the Swiss game industry. The event took place on August 18th. The guests from China were keen on getting to know Swiss game developers to seek opportunities for cooperation, and to … Lire plus

Gamescom starts today: Here’s what you need to know about Swiss game excellence at Europe’s main event for games

#SwissGames will be again at Gamescom this year. An impressive Swiss delegation has travelled to Cologne presenting a selection of 21 games and technologies developed by 10 independent studios and start-ups as well as 3 major art and design universities (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design de Genève and Zurich University of the Arts). … Lire plus

Swiss Game Academy: learn to create a game in only 1 week!

Thanks to a cooperation between the Swiss Game Center (SGC) and the Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA), this year’s edition of the Swiss Game Academy will have a full program in French as well as in German language The Swiss Game Academy 2016 is the second edition of the annual campus, where the participants will … Lire plus

Nimbatus: Explore an endless universe

Nimbatus, a game by SGDA member Micha Stettler, revolves around using drones that can be crafted out of a vast array of different parts to fly around an endless, procedurally generated universe with fully destructible environments. The players are tasked to explore the depths of space, to interact with alien races, and to gather different items to research … Lire plus