VFX, Animation & Game Designer MeetUp on July 29th

The VFX, Animation & Game Designer MeetUp is a casual networking event where professionals from various industries gather, talk, eat and drink. There will be presentations, a HTC Vive to play with, grilling and swimming opportunities, and free beer and food. The event is free and no registration is needed.
The SGDA is happy to support this event, because we believe in the power of interdisciplinarity when it comes to creating great digital products, and we promote the exchange of ideas and talent across different industries.

The MeetUp is looking for 3-4 short presentations in the field of game development. It can be about a game you’re currently working on, a presentation of your company or even a shout-out for cooperation. The presentations should be of 5 minutes in length maximum. Contact SGDA member Markus Rosse, who is responsible for the game presentations, to pitch your ideas. There is also a table available for letting people play your game. Please bring your own Laptop/Controllers/Tablets. No application needed.


VFX, Animation & Game Designer MeetUp
Contact: markus.rosse (at) gmail.com
When: Friday, July 29th, 2016, 18:30 – 03:00
Where: Damm bar, Hönggerstrasse 3, 8037 Zürich
More Informations: VFX, Animation & Game Designer MeetUp on Facebook