A political dialogue with the SGDA that became a historic event for the Swiss Game Industry

«The idea came during a discussion with a representative of the Swiss Game Developers Association» states Jacqueline Fehr in a recent newspaper article. An idea that became political action: for the first time a broad cross-party coalition has brought a motion that asks to clarify how policy should influence the development of the Swiss game industry. Being in … Read more

SGDA Roundtable: U.S. Ambassador Suzan “Suzi” LeVine pays visit to members of the Swiss game industry to discuss pressing topics revolving around game development

On June 30st, U.S. Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation Suzan “Suzi” LeVine visited a group of game developers representing the Swiss game industry, and special guests from industry, politics, and education. Among them were many SGDA members eager to meet the charismatic Ambassador. The first item on the agenda was a roundtable discussion about various topics … Read more