We connect and represent game developers in Switzerland.

The SGDA in short

The independent Swiss Game Developers Association (SGDA) is the member-driven proponent for Swiss game developers. The non-profit organisation’s goals are a supportive political environment, professionalisation through promotion of knowhow and young talents as well as the increased visibility of a strong Swiss game industry. The SGDA hosts the «Swiss Game Awards» which honours Swiss innovation in games, as part of the Gamesweek Zurich.

Safe Games Platform

Safe Games is an initiative by Swiss Game Developers Association SGDA. It is a platform where information and resources on various aspects of safety around games are provided.

SGDA Swiss Game Awards 2023

The SGDA Swiss Game Awards (SWIGA) is the game developers prize of Switzerland. It honours outstanding projects that have put the Swiss game industry on the radar.

The SGDA has been awarding the Swiss industry prize since 2013 to honour excellence in Swiss games.

Gamesweek Zurich

Gamesweek Zurich, the premier games festival of Switzerland, took place from 9 to 19 November 2023. Discover its rich and varied programme now.

Gamesweek Zurich | The Conference

Gamesweek Zurich | The Conference took place in Zurich on 16/17 November 2023: it is the only conference in Switzerland that brings together game creators, representatives of industry and administration, policy makers, and investors. The Conference awaits its participants with a packed and diverse programme, including in-real-life (IRL) meetings, an apéros reception party, and the Swiss Game Awards Ceremony.